God’s Wisdom vs. the World’s Wisdom

Proverbs 19:1-7

June 21, 2020

Pastor Tim Feldman

Discussion Questions

 1. Read Psalm 26. How can I follow David’s example of integrity and trust in the Lord for vindication? What kinds of situations make it difficult for me to continue trusting the Lord in this way (for example, when vindication does not come quickly, when the wicked seem to prosper, etc)? 

2. Proverbs 19:2 speaks of the danger of a person without knowledge who rushes into things and misses going the right way. We live in a culture that often seeks instant gratification and also quickly chooses one side or the other in a conflict or disagreement. How can this type of mentality lead to the danger warned against in Proverbs 19:2? In what areas of life can we rush to judgment and criticism when we lack knowledge of facts? Instead of rushing to judgment, how can we humbly seek God’s truth and what God says about a matter? In seeking what God says, how can we listen and submit to what Scripture says and allow Scripture to shape our thinking without trying to read our own preconceived ideas into what God says? 

3. Read James 2:1-13. The false witnesses of Proverbs 19 neglected the poor in a very similar way to what James warned his Christian readers about. As believers, where do we tend to show partiality and favoritism with other people (this could be between rich and poor, or it could be between other groups of people as well)? How can we obey James 2 by not showing partiality to others and by genuinely loving our neighbor as ourselves? 

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