God is Maker of All

Proverbs 14:31

October 25, 2020 – Evening Service

Pastor Tim Feldman

Discussion Questions

1. What is the relationship between my treatment of others and my relationship with God? How should the fact that God is Maker of all affect how I view those around me?

2. How do we usually view the poor around us? Do we tend to simply blame them for their position and leave them alone? How does God say we should treat them?

3. We live in a culture that often criticizes others and condemns those with whom they disagree. As believers, we should recognize both the Biblical truth that all people are made in God’s image and also the Biblical truth that all people are sinners. How should these two truths help us and guide us as we live in this kind of culture? Instead of following the way that the culture speaks about others, how should we speak and live differently as believers?

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