Pastor Jeremy Ehmann

Jeremy and Melissa Ehmann


Jeremy has served as the pastor at Grace since December of 2017.  Prior to that Jeremy served as the assistant pastor at Grace. Originally from Elko, and a graduate of Northland International University, Jeremy returned to Elko in 2003 working several other jobs before Jeremy came on staff at Grace in 2007. He and Melissa were married in 2008 and they have three children.

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Assistant Pastor Tim Feldman 

Tim and Ruth Feldman


Tim has served as an assistant pastor at Grace since January 2018. Originally from Pennsylvania, Tim graduated from Northland International University in 2010. He then served for several years at Grace Baptist Church in Delta, Utah before moving to Elko in 2017. He and Ruth were married in 2009 and have three children.

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Assistant Pastor Shad Hutnyak

Shad and Jenny Hutnyak


Shad has been an assistant pastor at Grace since November of 2017.

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Secretary: Wanda Munson

Wanda has been the secretary here at Grace since 2002 and has lived in Elko since 1981. Her unique combination of a love for the Lord and this ministry as well as her organization and service make her a wonderful help to the entire church. If you have a question about anything that is happening here, Wanda probably knows the answer, or can direct you to someone who does.

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